I support a restored and improved Utah Lake.

Utah Lake is struggling and most of the issues are human caused. It is time to do something to bring life back to Utah Lake. This requires a science-driven, comprehensive solution addressing each of the interconnected issues the lake faces. Some of these issues include evaporation, water storage, invasive species, dangerous algal blooms, water quality, loss of aquatic vegetation, nutrient loaded sediment, and reduced access for recreation.

I agree with the Utah Lake Commission’s resolution that “as residents of the great state of Utah, we have a stewardship and obligation to care for, conserve, restore and enhance Utah lake so that our generation and future generations can enjoy this amazing natural resource.” That’s what Utah Lake deserves.

The Utah Lake Restoration Project seeks to provide a comprehensive solution that will get us there. The project would restore and enhance the ecosystem, increase water savings, increase water storage, restore water quality, reduce algal blooms, remove invasive species, increase access for recreation, reestablish a healthy fishery, and ensure eco-friendly growth – all in a fiscally responsible way.

The opportunity to fix Utah Lake in a substantial way is here and we should take it.