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Date: 03/22/22
“One Step Closer to Cleaning Utah Lake”


ARTICLES “U.S. Army Corps accelerates Utah Lake Restoration” – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is preparing to take the next step to accelerate the Utah Lake Restoration Project. Read more here 

Deseret News “Opinion: Let science and facts determine future of Utah Lake” – “We must explore solutions with openness, considering multiple perspectives with respect, regardless of differences.” Read more here. “New bill aims to restore the Utah Lake” – As of recently, there has been a lot of action taken to protect the lakes of Utah, as the state’s drought status seems to worsen with time. Read more here.

The Daily Universe “Utah Lake Restoration Project under federal review to evaluate environmental impact”  – Lake Restoration Solutions filed a permit application with the United States Army Corps of Engineers at the end of last year, initiating a federal review process. Read more here. 

The Daily Herald “Vineyard gets first look at Utah Lake restoration project” – With controversy and intrigue swirling, there may have been more attention paid to Utah Lake in the past year than in the past 100. Vineyard’s City Council took their turn examining the issue at their work session Wednesday. Read more here.

The Daily Herald “Guest opinion: The threat of doing nothing on Utah Lake” – Many of us have gotten used to the signs on Utah Lake warning about the threats of harmful algal blooms and water-borne pathogens: Do not swim or water ski in this area! Do not ingest water! Keep children and animals away from the lake! We believe that’s unacceptable. Read more here.

Salt Lake Tribune “Jonathan B. Benson: The question is, ‘Who will pay for Utah Lake to be restored?’” – Reclaiming the lake would cost far more than taxpayers should be expected to pay. Read more here.

KUTV “Proposition for Utah Lake restoration” –It has been called the biggest water conservation project in the country. Conservationist Jon Benson joined Fresh Living to tell us about restoring Utah Lake so we can all benefit again. Read more here.

ABC4 Good Things Utah “The biggest water restoration project in Utah’s history needs your support” – It has been called the biggest water conservation project in the country. Jon Benson joined the show today to talk about how the state plans on restoring Utah Lake so all Utahn’s can benefit. Read more here. 

Fox13 “Plans to build islands in Utah Lake as part of restoration project move forward” – Plans to build islands as part of the Utah Lake Restoration Project are moving forward. The US Army Corps of Engineers publicly released the permit application and now starts a lengthy review process. Read more here. 

Deseret News “Opinion: Utah Lake project welcomes constructive criticism” – We trust that misinformation from a few with their own agendas will not obscure the many benefits the Utah Lake Restoration Project offers to everyone. Read more here.